All love is sweet

Every type of candy is unique. Just like every kind of love is sweet, in its own special way. So, what better day than Valentine’s to take one step closer to a world where all love is celebrated, no matter which flag you fly. Gift something sweet to your bae with uniquely coloured candies inspired by different kinds of LGBTQ+ love.


Scroll on to choose which candy suits your sweetheart’s fancy.

Pansexual Flag Pansexual Flag (rounded)
PANSEXUAL Pansexual Candy Read more
Intersex Flag Intersex Flag (Rounded)
INTERSEX Intersex Candy Read more
Non-Binary Flag Non-Binary Flag (Rounded)
NON-BINARY Non-binary Candy Read more
Bisexual Flag Bisexual Flag (Rounded)
BISEXUAL Bisexual Candy Read more
Gay Flag Gay Flag (Rounded)
GAY Gay Candy Read more
Transgender Flag Transgender Flag (Rounded)
TRANSGENDER Transgender Candy Read more
Asexual Flag Asexual Flag (Rounded)
ASEXUAL Asexual Candy Read more
Lesbian Flag Lesbian Flag (Rounded)
LESBIAN Lesbian Candy Read more
Genderfluid Flag Genderfluid Flag (Rounded)
GENDERFLUID Genderfluid Candy Read more